You are invited to play in the Raffle of a Tesla model car promoted by Light DeFi (LIGHT) and Emp Token (EMP).

Light DeFi (LIGHT) and Emp Token (EMP) will raffle a Tesla valued at US$ 200 thousand.

Electric vehicles created by Elon Musk will be raffled among Token participants.

São Paulo, November 16, 2021 – Light DeFi (LIGHT) and Emp Token (EMP) keep growing in the crypto market. Seeking to reach US$ 150 million in capitalization, Light DeFi announced that it would raffle a Tesla model valued at US$ 200 thousand.

According to the token’s developers, the giveaway is a chance to celebrate Light DeFi’s record-breaking US$150 million capitalizations. Only after reaching this market value will the Tesla Raffle be released. 

Any token user will participate in the raffle and must complete a registration form to validate their participation. In addition, you will need to meet specific requirements, such as having US$1,000 in Light DeFi (LIGHT), US$500 in Emp Token (EMP), and following Light DeFi and Emp Token on Instagram.

 The LIGHT and EMP tokens developer, Germano Sales, recalls that this is a great opportunity to support initiatives that develop products related to sustainable energy. 

“Because it is an electric car model, Tesla allows the use of energy from renewable sources, and it could be the future of cars. Through the car raffle, users of Light DeFi and Emp Token will be able to participate in an incredible opportunity to have a Tesla in the garage.” 

With the growth of Light DeFi and Emp Token (EMP), the raffle can take place at any time, just after the LIGHT token market capitalization reaches US$150 million. “The total prize will be US$ 200 thousand, paid in cryptoactives. Thus, the user will have no problems buying the car on the market”, remembers Germano.

“We’re giving away an all-inclusive Tesla Model, and nobody is going to worry about importing. In the value offered in the final prize, all taxes are included, which will allow anyone to have a brand new Tesla at home.”

Light DeFi: Light Defi is a company that developed a token through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network that represents the tokenization of renewable energy production initiatives.

Emp Token: Like Light DeFi, Emp Token was developed through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and represented the sustainable tokenization of cryptoactive mining.

As Light DeFi continues to grow in pursuit of breaking the $150 million mark in the capitalization market, you should take steps to play the Tesla Raffle, such as:

$ 0
Own $ 0
in Light DeFi (LIGHT)
Own $ 0
in Emp Token (EMP)

After the market capitalization of the LIGHT token reaches US$ 150 million in the market, a vehicle model (*) will be raffled for the user, valued at R$ 1.2 million

(including import taxes).